Other Facilities

Student Care

Student care is guiding philosophy of the institute, as declared by the trust, on the opening day. Each student is intimately supervised and helped. The management and the Director directly interact with students and their parents ensuring quality education and individual satisfaction. Parents are invited to discuss the progress and problems, if any, regarding study and progress of their wards.


75% attendance, submission of the assignments in time and participation in all activities by students is closely monitored. Students are liable to be dismissed or suspended if any of the terms of code of conduct is violated. Type of action will purely at the discretion of the management.


Any committee is made for some specific task. The member of that committee has some responsibility. Thus through this, students feel a sense of responsibility which help them in their future life too.

  1. CULTURAL COMMITTEE:- “The Cultural Committee”, as it is popularly referred to as, is a student body which is responsible for all the cultural events in the Institute round the year. It comprises of seven sections which take care of the varied fields of cultural events.
  2. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE:- This committee maintain discipline in the institute.
  3. ANTIRAGGING COMMITTEE:- This committee is formed in order to stop ragging of the new students.

Personality Development Programme

Regular programmes are conducted to develop communication, interpersonal skills and ability to work in team in different environment. Numerous professional from the corporate world are invited regularly to share their experience and knowledge with the students to provide latest update, trends and practices.

Dress Code

The Institute is having its dress code, which gives a sense of belongingness and commonality to the institute. Besides ,dress code encourages students to be smartly dressed and more disciplined. All students are required to come in classes and all other official function in proper and prescribed dress/uniform.

Transport Facilities


The transport facility is provided by the institute to the student & staff. The college runs the buses throughout the Bulandshahr Khurja Border (UP). For this facility the nominal charge is paid by the students.

Internet and Computing Facilities

BGI is the proud owner of a modern centrally air conditioned Computer Centre and a campus-wide Internet facility with wide band dedicated RF Link – 2 Mbps. The entire campus is connected with the Local Area Network. BGI provides free Internet facilities to all students in hostels.

Medical Facilities

  • First aid and elementary medical facilities are available in the hostel through a qualified Doctors.
  • In case of emergency, student is taken to the nearest medical practitioner / hospital for which a van is available 24 hrs. on campus and the local guardian is duly informed.
  • The local guardian will take charge of the ward thereafter and all Medical expenses will have to be borne by him. The entire responsibility of treatment will rest with the parent / local guardian/ student concerned.


Indoor Sports:-Indoor games / activities like Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Gymnasium etc. are provided by the institute.Outdoor sports:-BGI is having outdoor sports facilities for Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton etc. The spacious grounds of the college are maintained for this purpose.